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my level anxiety once, was this, wake up, fear, shake, cry, pills ,wine, cry, go insane,
smoke 20 cigarrettes ( still do, ) one major attempt at suicide, woke up in hospital, I blame prozac for that one, cut arms, one weeks stay in a hospital with plastic knives and forks, bars on windows, 3 weeks inside as couldnt leave the house, panicked just to get to the letter box, stopped driving, couldnt get thru ques at the supermarket, drank even more, panicked being at home by myself, panicked at home with kids, panicked every minute of the day, panicked allnight long, no sleep, so I have pretty much been in the pits.
I feltyou thought i was just saying dont think about it,, no not at all, and this is where its hard to say what i am saying, its a continual thought process that in the end you can over come.I hope you didnt think I was being condescending, man I had it bad.!!
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