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I don't know if this is the place for this, but I believe my hormones are getting "out of whack" as I'm getting older, and its causing changes in my cycles (like 24-26 day cycles, instead of the 28 day cycles I used to have etc), and the PMS is becoming unbearable.

I don't mean cramps or bloating or physical symptoms...

I mean the crying, the depression, the "i can't handle my life anymore" feelings that I have for 2 weeks out of every month now.

When I was about 27, I started noticing that I was getting PMS for the first time, and my cycles were occassionaly out of sync... I'm 33 now, and this has only progressively gotten worse. I talked to the doctor at my last PAP about it, and she kinda blew it off like, "unless you want to be on prozac 24/7... there's not really any other options"

Well somedays, I'd do anything to make it stop... I'd cut off my left foot if I thought it would help. I feel complete desperation...worthlessness...stress, and feeling like such a failure at everything I do...the list just goes on.

Has anyone experienced this, and found a solution?