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I used to take prozac and welbutrin, but i stopped taking them a few years back. couldnt afford to keep paying for them. i am not currently on any medication for my depression or anxiety.
That sounds like my behavior as well, when I am depressed. If I feel like a witch on a jet powered Hoover, and I'm also wreaking havoc with the things I am saying and then also feeling guilty and worrying about every little thing I have said, that's a good indicator for me to at least call my doctor and go have a chat.

It's possible to get Prozac in generic form (fluoxetine) and non-members can buy prescriptions through Costco at some very small % above their bulk cost. It may be....like $10 /month, I think.

There's also a pharmaceuticals companies group which offers meds for free or almost free. I don't know how to research it to come up with a link, but there is one out there.