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I have been told that I have two bulging disc in my lower back. I saw a neurologist and he said that their was nothing he could do for me and that when I got older I would have big problems with my back. He also said that I have degenerative disc disease. He told me to go back to my regular doc. My lower back hurts all the time! If I sit too long I am not sure I am going to get back up. Don't even want to be in a car longer than 30 mins! The doc I am seeing keeps telling me I just need to learn to deal with the pain. He also put me on Prozac 20mg twice daily, also Lortab 7.5 ( i am suppost to only take half of one twice a day). This is really not seeming to help!! Taking half a lortab helps nothing! I usually take more of the lortab and by the middle of the month I am out. Then I have nothing and I don't want to do anything cause my back hurts too much! Iam thinking of going to see a pain doc. Iam worried that I am going to go see another doc and they will tell me I need to just live with it. Could someone tell me what to do? :confused: