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hi, im currently torn between the two meds that work for me and i just wanted help deciding

for me prozac makes me very social and i made new friends on it when i was on it for 3 months, during that time i had a real social life and made best friends with people, and i liked attention, and i liked myself too but on the downside i was depressed alot and the lows are really bad, i worried alot, i felt really lonley whenever i was alone

on citalopram im never really unhappy, i smile alot, i dont worry and i seem well, but on the downside i have real social disinterest, im really unsocial and i just want to be on my own all the time and i dont like attention at all, i dont feel i know myself either, and when ive got my beaming smile i dont really feel the happiness much if that makes sense

i just dont know what i should choose