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I have been here before, but not for awhile. I have OCD and it has been a huge part of my life for about 2 yrs now. I started taking Prozac (20mg) about a year and a few months ago. I stopped a few months ago cold turkey and that was not a good idea. I have been having worse obsessions, worries and compulsions. I am back on my medication, but its been only 3 days. If you have been on the medication, stop taking it, then start again how soon until you will it start working again? That is the first of a few questions. If you have the patience, please read a little about my OCD.
I am absolutely petrified I will hit/run over someone on the road. Any bump or anything I have to look in my rearview mirror to see if it really was just a bump. Pretty much daily I will drive back around to the spot I ran over a bump to make double sure. I live in an apt and many many times I will drive around the complex 2 or so times, to make sure I never hit anything. I am sure I look like a lunatic. I work at a childcare center and I have to pick up school kids and lately I just hate doing it. I am especially terrified of hitting a child. Today as a great example I was in my car ready to back up and a kid came up behind the car next to me, with their parent. I know the kid went around to the other side, I backed up and looked, but my mind still worries I hit the kid. I am exhausted and getting to the point I dont want to drive anymore. This kills me because I used to LOVE to drive, it was my time away if I needed alone time. All of this is very recent.
I am also very afraid of getting HIV/AIDS. This worry sometimes gets meshed into the other one. I worry I hit someone and then blood will get on me.
I cant take it anymore. I want to go back to the days I could back up in my car without my heart beating out of my chest.
Does anyone have a similar obsession? If so, how do you handle it? I cant waste anymore of my life driving around in circles looking for something thats not there (knock on wood, I am also very superstitious). I have also called non-emergency dispatch, but I am afraid they will start recognizing me. What can I do to help myself. I am also not in the position in my life right now where I can get counseling, I just cant afford it. Please help.