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Thanks for the feed back!! I feel really dumb about how I have let my back go without doing anything. I have had back pain on and off for about three years, last March I bent over to tie daughters shoe and when I was coming back up I felt or heard (dont remeber just know something went pop) a pop. I took kids to school, came home and the back pain I was having was awsomely really bad!! I had to call my husband to come home, I could not sit, stand, bend over, nothing!! He took me to a regular doc. She said I had pulled some muscle in my back. Gave me something for pain and sent me on my way. A couple of weeks later I called to see if she would refill the med and her nurse said she would not, I told them I would come in and they said she still wouldnt refill it. My back has hurt ever since then, All the time, some times more than other times. I went to a doc(2) that was a reg doc but I knew he would give me something for pain. I went to him he said I needed an mir so I had one. Went back to doc #2 and he looked at mir report said I needed to see neuro. Went to neuro and he said that there was nothing he could do for me. I didnt want to go back to doc # 2 cause you have to wait in his office for hours to see him, not kidding! So I went to doc # 3, he is the one I have been seeing, the one that put me on prozac and said I had to learn to live with pain. That is why I was thinking that he thought the mir said that there was really nothing wrong. I have wasted months seeing this doc. I thought that he would refer me to someone else but he did not. I was worried about seeing someone else cause what if they told me the samething and did nothing else to help. So I went to the 2nd doc yesterday, which is the one who told me to get the mir. I should have gone back to see him after I saw the neuro! My appointment was at 11:00am and I did not get out of there until 3:30. I was late getting my kids from school. I guess it was worth it though. I asked if the mir showed I should not be having pain and he said it showed that I should be in pain. I told him about what the other doc had been doing for me and he said that most docs dont want to give any body anything for pain that they wanted just pain managment docs to give stuff for pain. He is going to refer me to someone else, I dont know who yet. He said he was also in awe that no one had told me to have one of those blocks(?). So I hope that I do find someone who will really help and that I dont waste any more time!! I feel bad for not knowing what to do for myself and I am sure that there are others that are going through the same thing I am. I hate it for all of us!! I am so happy I found this board!! It has helped alot! :) . I hope I will find someone good to help me and ya'll have helped me to know what to look for! I hope that everyone has a good day!! I also hope that you can follow what I have written. That it makes sense!
thanks to everyone, I will probably need more guidance so I will post to ya'll later. I will still be reading all of your post everyday. I cant help anybody put it helps me to read ya'lls!