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So I went to the rheumatologist for my followup after my labs. Last year I had normal thyroid labs and very high thyroid antibodies (in the 260's-both peroxidase and globulin), and now the antibodies are normal, but my TSH is up at 2.5 and my T4 is low at 12. My main symtpom is massive quick hairloss (and fatigue?). So I went to the rheum, who told me I was completely fine, and she will not refer me to an endrocrine. My thyroid scan was normal. Then basically told me thank you, and I was stunned, I asked her what was up with the hairloss? And she just waved her hands and said it's one of those things. Alopecia Areata was never a word uttered from her mouth. She was just going to send me on my way!!! It didn't matter I had sky high thyroid antibodies in September "the blood work was normal now." So then I started to cry, because right before the appointment I took a shower and clumps of hair were falling into my hand, and I can't cover up the baldness anymore. And I am really young, 26 and getting married next year. Then she has the gual to ask me if I want some prozac!? Just because I started crying over my fast traumatic hairloss in her office. I told her I don't feel depressed, and she says we'll your crying now aren't you? To which I responded, YES because I am 26 and going bald. This lady did not have a heart or any bedside manner. Then I asked her if I could at least be referred to a hair specialist, to which she reluctantly agreed.

Luckily I got into the hair specialist, my worried fiance went with me (to which he was acquating my hairloss to like when his grandfather had chemotherapy and the hair was just going and going and there was hair in teh house everywhere.) So the hair specialist took a one second look at me, I told him I was also loosing hair on my body, and he sat down and was so nice.

He said did you ever hear of alopecia areata? And for the first time in the last two years a doctor took real time to explain to my fiance and I what alopecia is, it's course, and he was so nice. I started crying again (just over emotional from the rheum's appointment, but also glad that someone was explaining things to me finally), but he was so nice about it, said his young pretty patients take the diagnosis bad, and get great hairpieces, have success from treatments and live great lives.

He also was concerned again over my thryoid. Said that my antibodies could be trigerring this, and said people with alopecia sometimes develop thyroid problems. So refered me on to the hair clinic at the hospital who will work to find if this is a throid issue and refer me to an endocrine. So I am again in the circle of doctor crap. But I found a great doctor, and I am amazed at the reaction I got from this rheum (and the last rheum was just as horrible). They need some serious bed side manners. And I am going in to get a Human Hair wig on Monday...Anyways thanks to you guys on this board.

Don't think I'll stay since this looks more like Alopecia then a thyroid thing, but you have helped and given me answers when the doctors were giving me none!