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I am close to your age..44 and I also have been suffering from depression since my teenage years. I finally decided enough was enough..and was put on SSRI's when I was about 38 with horrible side effects, and they also made me numb emotionally..I tried most of them..Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, Cymbalta (which I believe is an SSNRI), etc..to no avail. I finally tried all the natural remedies such as L-arginine, St. Johns Wort, and the one I finally found that really helped me was SAM-e. I took it for three years and was depression free..I took 400mg (started with 200mg) once a day, about 45 minutes before a meal. I had no side effects on it..and did alot of research on it. It is very safe dietary supplement and is in respected medical journals. I took the Nature Made Brand - which can be found in the dietary supplement isle in Grocery stores or drug stores, health food stores, etc.

Unfortunately, it pooped out of me after I had a bad virus..and so I had to take another look at the chemical antidepressants. Like you, I was very nervous..frightened about the side effects, but knew I did not want to continue to suffer. I was put on Cymbalta and ended up being hospitalized. While I was in the hospital, they were doing a med review, and I begged them to not put me on any more new antidepressants..especially the SSRI's. They put me on an older antidepressant which I believe came out in 1997 - called Remeron. It was a lifesaver, and is very well tolerated. I had no side effects on it. It is a Tetracyclic antidepressant (NASSa - structure). I am wondering, if you might do better on the older antidepressants such as a Tetracyclic or Tricyclic which are better tolerated, than the SSRI's for some people. I am really sensitive to the SSRI's. Keep us posted.