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Where have you guys been all my life? Though I am sorry for the fact that anybody has to endure these kind of difficulties, it is somewhat comforting to know that there is a forum like this to sound off and try to get help.

I have also suspected for a long time that my wife has some variation of a bi-polar condition. She is prone to going from ying to yang in no time flat, and I have found this alarming. She once was on Citalopram, then stopped the dosage because she was feeling better. Two years later, her depression flared up with a vengeance, and the doctor put her on Prozac. Side effects were devastating, as one day I came home and found her crying hysterically and wanting to commit suicide. Went to the doctor to go back to the old medication, which again, she has left behind. She has always blamed circumstances and past insults for her condition, a perennial scapegoater to say the least. When she in her down mood, there is a look of utter dysphoria on her face, her lips curl downward, she shakes her head back and forth, mumbles things to herself, rolls her eyes back and forth. She is Spanish and has a very bad temper, but add to that this condition, and you can imagine my predicament.

She has never had an official doctor's diagnosis and no longer treats her depression. From an emotional point of view, I have encountered one dead end after another. I often find myself, angry, scared, confused, and with no sense of hope or peace about the future. It pains me to admit that what has overtaken me is a sense of hatred and resentment. We are not intimate anymore and have been sexually inactive for at least one year.

I wish there was some kind of silver bullet for this because I have no answers. Internally, I have sort of demoted her to the status of housemate, as I don't feel I have a wife anymore. What do I do? Divorce? Put up with it? Where to put my foot down and how? She denies she is depressed and won't touch meds anymore. S.O.S.!!!