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I can only speak from my experience. In the past few weeks I've gone from taking nothing, to one prozac a day and now I'm up to two.

All I can say is, while i'm not leaping out of bed full of the joys of spring - I'm not constantly thinking of topping myself or sobbing every day, which I was.

It's been a good few days since I've cried which is an improvement in itself.

Take care x

p.s. my appetite isn't great but as someone who would be happy to lose a few lbs - i'm not that bothered!
The appetite thing's not really a biggie, I mean I eat! I suppose I notice it more because usually I'm a greedyguts!

Typical example today - made myself lunch - ate 3/4 of it - would've demolished the lot before.

Then, we had a mother's day family meal - i had a fair few nibbly bits to start, ate 3/4 of my main meal and couldn't face a dessert. Nothing major but just different to my usual appetite.

Very rarely can face breakfast - but then I've never been a massive fan.

I've been on prozac for about three weeks, have noticed an improvement.

But I've been on it a few times before. Last summer most recently. I wonder if my mistake was coming off it after a few months when I was feeling much better.

xx :wave: