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JerzyinNC - I live in NC also, but in Charlotte, NC. I sought out a liver specialist, meaning the title of their practice included the word Hepatology (Charlotte Gastroenterology & Hepatology), so I figured that would be more specialized. I asked the receptionist who there specialized more on the liver and she told me Dr. John Hanson (I think that's his first name but it's definitely his last name). He was also voted by his peers as best gastroenterologist in Charlotte in a local magazine here. He is knowledgeable and admits when he doesn't know soemthing and will try to find out from colleagues in other cities what they think and call me back. I was thinking of undergoing invitro and was worried about the hormones and he talked to another doctor in Charleston who felt it was okay.

I was having a lot of problems with anxiety about this and really worrying about it and he wasn't very worried. He's not as worried as I would like, but at the same time I am reassured by that and realize maybe that's a good thing. I get ultrasounds every 6 months to monitor the size and it hasn't grown. Anyway, he's good but I've actually learned a lot more about FNH from this message board (and the old one) than from him or any web searches, so I'm not sure I'd travel all the way to Charlotte to see him. Also, I remember on the old FNH message board, someone mentioned a doctor in Winston Salem who did radiofrequency ablation on FNH? I could swear that's where I read it, but I could be wrong and it was in a different forum than healthboards.com.

I have endometriosis. Someone in an earlier post said they feel their FNH acts up more around their period. I think this is true of me also. I tend to notice the little pains right before my period and during it, not sure of the significance.

I have also found a lot of relief with Prozac. I was worrying about this thing all the time, aware of every little pain and then freaking out over it. I'm scared to death of cancer, but the posts on here have reassured me. Since I started back on Prozac, I think about it a lot less, which is why I haven't been on here in a while, and worry a lot less. I'd rather not be on the medicine but it's helping me so I'll stay on it for now.