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My peri started in my mid 30's, but like I said before, there may be other reasons you are having such a difficult time. You could have ovarian cysts or, like you said, raging hormones that could be helped with just taking the pill. You could try taking higher doses of Ibuprofen (i.e. 400-600 mg. 3x/day) or Naproxen Sodium (Aleve) during these times. There are other treatments for PMS/PMDD that include seratonin medications like Sarafem (similar to Prozac) that only need to be taken for a week or two (I can't remember the dosing) during the month. Sometimes diuretics can help with the bloating discomfort and the best ones are prescription only. I definitely think a doctor could help you and a gynecologist would be the best doctor to see. They can help if your problems are interfering with your quality of life. I hope you can get some relief :)