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Hi Danialla

I am new to all this so I dont know what help I will be to you Im afraid. I am HypoT and only been diagnosed recently and still feel very ill. You asked if anyone had any experience with antidepressants and thyroid meds. I started taking both prozac and levothyroxine around the same time. I must admit I felt absolutely terrible, like my whole insides were shaking and felt even more depressed. I have taken antidepressants in the past and felt worse for a couple of weeks until they got into my system, but unfortunately this time I had to give up with the prozac about one week in because I just could not handle the side effects. Whether it was anything to do with taking the two drugs together, I will never know. I also have read that you should not take them at the same time of the day, and I did not realise this when I started them, so whether this had anything to do with it Im not sure. I hope that you start to feel better soon and take good care of yourself. Love Toni :)