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I never noticed this board either.

I had your problem for many years...was told I was in peri-menopause and offered birth control pills that didn't work and had bad side effects. I was also offered Sarafem (like Prozac) which I didn't take because I've tried SSRI's and hate those side effects too. The only thing that helped was taking Xanax when my PMS/PMDD got really bad and taking medication for migraines and cramps. Don't let your doc blow you off. This is something that can hurt families...I felt so sorry for my husband and son when I was like this. They were great, understanding, etc. but it wasn't fair to them. There are treatments that might help you. BTW...I had a hysterectomy in January because I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis. Don't know if that was causing me worse PMS or not, but it's worth asking about.