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My depression is not the typical depression. I don´t feel sad most of the time, per se, but I just can´t DO anything. I am a college student and I literally don´t go to class. I have class at 8 in the morning and I can´t fall asleep until real late so I almost always skip this class, then when it comes time to my afternoon classes, as I decide to get up around noon, I just say oh well I already screwed up, what´s the point? Everyone just thinks I´m lazy, and maybe I am, but I do care about school though, I just find it excruciating sitting through class when other stuff is on my mind, and I find it exhausting to talk to people I don´t know very well. I have been like this for awhile. I would talk to my parents and teachers about it, but I´m starting to feel like ¨the boy who cried depression.¨ It´s just getting old to me and everyone around me, but it stresses me out completely, and it´s very important that I pass this semester but it´s getting to be too late almost. It should be easy for me to go to class but I literally can´t do it. I just sit on my computer all day and I hate going out, except after about 3 days of being couped up in my dorm room I will go out and it usually ends in drunkeness, a hangover, and the cycle continues. I have tried meds and I HATE them, they change my personality and make me completely numb - lexapro, prozac, zoloft, to name a few. I just feel incredibly worthless, not to mention I can´t stop eating. Someone, anyone, I need someone to share similar experiences or just anyone to listen, cause everyone in my life is sick of me.