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Hi Rick, So, you're depressed because you look so young? That could be a drag, for sure, but really, a lot of cool, funny and popular people, don't have traditional good looks. My point is that maybe there's something else going on. Maybe even if you looked your age, you might not feel happy then either. Just a guess. Maybe your sadness/depression just makes you feel worse about your looks. Certainly though, I can see that it could be a problem to look a lot different than how you feel - rather like some of those people who got makeovers on television. I don't doubt that some feel happier when they look better.

Have you ever thought of getting a makeover and having someone with good taste, help you pick out clothes? That stuff can make a difference. Of course, someday you'll be glad that you look young, but that doesn't help you now.

The chemical imbalance thing is still a theory. There is no proof that it's the cause or even A cause of depression. Even if it were proven, there isn't any test that one can take to diagnose it and the chance that one of the antidepressants currently on the market would have the ability to somehow "balance" incredibly intricate and complicated brain chemisty, is astronimical. Amazing the propaganda that some of us swallow.

Some will tell you to stay on a drug, even when it makes you worse or adds even more problems to the mix. Others will advise you to get on the drug merry-go-round, hoping that you'll get lucky and grab the brass ring. Trying out drug after drug, isn't safe, physically or mentally, but some poor souls hold out the hope that there must be one, or a combination, that will "work" for them. It's a huge crap shoot, playing Russian Roulette with your brain. My sister just "tried" Paxil and she had a massive brain bleed. All of the SSRIs have that same potential as well as countless others. You have to ask yourself if taking Lexapro is really worth it, but you can only do that if you've thoroughly investigated the drug and I don't mean just going to drug manufacturers sites. You have to do searches on the problems associated with it, the withdrawal, etc. Look for other message boards. Read the Paxil, Prozac or Effexor petitions. These drugs aren't safe to just try on for size, unless one is absolutely desperate, at his wits end. If it weren't for the push for drugs and the propaganda surrounding them, there'd be a LOT more research done on depression and how to help people more effectively and safely.

Good luck!