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i just returned from my first therapy session and i was prescribed prozac and ativan. i would like some advice/answers from my friends over here.

what is the initial dosage usually prescribed for either or both medications?
what about side effects?
are there any generic versions available? are they just as good? i don't have insurance as i am new to this country and i am worried about the prices.
anyone had success with either or both of these medications?

any info would help....i'm hopeful but worried as well...thanks for any help.
This sounds to me like panic disorder, right?

If I remember correctly, the beginning dose of Prozac is 10mg in the morning. And if I remember correctly, the beginning dose of Ativan is 0.5mg, however many times a day your doctor prescribed.

Some people get insomnia with Prozac, but I'm not sure what the percentage is. Ativan is chemically related to Valium, so you could expect sedation, and being careful not to operate machinery and so forth until you know how it affects you.

There are generics for both. But as far as them being just as good, I couldn't tell you. In my own opinion, they should be close enough.

If I may ask, did you have an anxiety reaction to moving? That may help me understand better what's going on with me. Or were you under a lot of stress before the move or during the move?

Effects of Prozac can be highly individual- it's possible that it might not work for you, and another may have to be tried. Ativan for anxiety is very straight-forward, and should be effective.
Have you done any research on Prozac? Prozac Backlash, by Dr. Joseph Glenmullen is a good counter point to what Eli Lily has to offer. He also wrote The Antidepressant Solution. There are many others. The best place to read about the darker side of Prozac is the Prozac petition.

Best to learn all, the good and the bad, you can about the drugs before you take them.

Good Luck.
Hi amancd,

I'm glad harlequin replied before me. I'm going to ride on his shirt tail through this one. His advice is always pretty much on the money. I was on prozac once for less than a month, but as soon as I got past that, I started having horrible panic attacks. It's NOT that way for everyone, just my personal experience.

Please keep posting.....TC........Connie
I would just add to what Connie has to say that sometimes finding the right antidepressant takes more than one try. What I'm interpreting from this medication combination is that you're being treated for an anxiety disorder, and Prozac is often one of the first things that is tried. And I'm glad Connie pointed out that it's just her personal experience, because finding the right antidepressant is always a very individual thing.

I want to be real specific in saying that Prozac might be right for you, and it might not. As for myself, when I took it, after two weeks I had good results, but then I started waking up too early in the morning. There's no telling how it will work for you. You may not have any adverse effects at all.

Please do keep posting.
For me prozac gave me an upset stomach and was my first anti-depressant. I started to get bad side-effects for 2 weeks, I never saw it out past that because I couldn't handle it. But like somebody else said, this is just one of a few responses to it - there are many other people who have had great success with it with little to no problems.

I"m hopping on the ride too, to add that your doc seems to know what s/he is doing, as Prozac can be (not necessarily) "activating" initially at least, so that's what the Ativan may be for.

These days a lot of doctors don't take the time/don't have the time due to HMO pressuring for more patients per hour to do the educational component.

The published initial dose of Prozac is 20 mg., but some docs do start lower to minimize the side effects by going up more slowly. It depends on your situation. Sometimes fast is necessary.
I just started Prozac. I was prescribed 10mg in the morning for a week, now that has been increased to 20 mg in the morning. The side-effects I've noticed are some night sweats, a tad of nausea, a little insomnia (not bad tho), and somewhat increased libido. I have been on many anti-depressants and Prozac by far has had the fewest side-effects. It's also the first SSRI to actually work for me! I'm actually starting to feel better.

Generic Prozac (Fluoxetine) is extremely cheap. From Costco (you can have prescriptions filled there without being a member) a prescription costs under $8! And you can get 100 pills for only like $15. Wherever you get your script filled, just don't go to Rite Aid. They are probably the most expensive pharmacy.
I just weaned off Prozac today, not because it was a horrible medication, but because I just don't think that any SSRI's really help me with my OCD, and they just make me sooo tired without any benefits. I didn't have a problem with Prozac. Ativan, however, sucked. It was the first benzodiazepine I was prescribed and it didn't do a damn thing for my panic attacks- thankfully, I found Klonopin...

Prozac is actually supposed to be good for OCD, as are Paxil and Zoloft. With OCD the dose may need to be higher than "Joe Average". So if you were only on 20 or 40 mg. that may be why it wasn't working for you. Not to say you should go back on it, but in case at some point you decide to try something again. Klonopin is nice, but long term can be habit forming. It helps with OCD?? I'm guessing you've tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
macadamiaNUT- Thanks for your concern. I'm currently in CBT, and am only going to two more sessions. This was my therapist's idea because she doesn't think she can help me anymore. This is because I'm a pure obsessional, and they tend to do poorly with CBT, and in addition, she and I discovered I do indeed have Asperger's, which interferes with the CBT homework. I was only on 40 mg of Prozac, but the reason why I'm stopping isn't because my OCD came back, but because I'm in a "waning" period right now, it makes me incredibly tired, and I haven't had success on other SSRI's. They simply just don't do anything for me, and I've had several breakdowns where my OCD was really severe while on them, including Zoloft and Lexapro. I actually was up to 250 mg of Zoloft this past summer when I first started CBT (with a different therapist- this was before I started college), and I was still a mess... :rolleyes: No, the Klonopin doesn't help with OCD, only my panic attacks, and as a true OCD-er, I'm horrified by the thought of addiction, so I only take a Klonopin VERY sparingly. I'm actually supposed to take them every day, but usually, I only take one once every two-three weeks, maybe even longer spans than that. This is because I have panic attacks practically daily when I'm in school (and out of school, too, just not as often), and since I've dealt with them for 18 years unmedicated, I just deal with the regular ones. I reserve the Klonopin for REALLY bad days where I'm unable to function because the panic attack's sooo bad. Besides, I'd never want to completely get rid of my panic attacks because they're a part of me, and if I didn't have one in a certain situation, I wouldn't know what to do with myself... Anyway, thanks for asking! God bless! :angel: