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I Need Help. I Am Going Monday, April 24th To See A Psychiarist For The First Time. I Am Terrified That She Will Think That I Am Ok And Ask A Few Questions, Look At The Meds I Take, Maybe Change Them And Send Me On My Way.

You See, I Believe I Have Been Depressed Most Of My Life, And Have Been Living With It For Years. Sometimes It Is Worse Than Other Times And Years Ago When I Had A Really Bad Time, I Was Hospitalized For A Few Days And Released. I Have Seen Therapisists And Psycharists On And Off For Years, Really Never Coming To Any Conculsion And None Of Them Ever Told Me I Suffered From Depression.

No Doctor Has Ever Put Me On Medication For Depression, Yet I Have Taken Prozac, Celexa And Now Lexapro For Years. My Husband Is A Pharimist And So Getting The Medication Is Quite Easy. He Himself Takes Zoloft And He Has Never Been Diagnoised With Anything, It Just Kind Of Keeps Him Calmer In This Crazy World We Live In.

I Have Always Lived With Shadows Of My Childhood, Not Having Much Memory Of It At All, Only Remembering A Few Times, Not So Good And I Have Always Thought That I Should Never Have Been Born Because I Was Not Born Out Of Love. I Think I Fell Through The Cracks.

Three Years Ago When My Family Moved From Oregon To Florida, I Know Is When This Terrible Bout Of Depression Began. I Did Not Realize It The First Year, But Slowly It Became Worse And Worse And I Developed A General Anxiety Disorder And Now I Am Terrified Beause Some Days I Feel Perfectly Normal And Other Days I Cant Get Out Of Bed.

I Quit My Job Because I Was So Scared, I Am Afraid Of Everything. I Am Afraid To Even Go Out Of The House And Walk The Dog. I Dont Talk To Anyone, And I Have Disassocited Myself With All Family, Friends, Neighbors And Just Mostly Stay In The House. I Pace Around Looking Out The Window A Hundred Times A Day.

The Scarey Thing Is That I Look Perfectly Normal. No One Would Every Guess What I Am Feeling Inside And I Can Hide It And Pretend To Be Perfectly Normal, If I Have To.

So My Question Is, How Is The Doctor That I Am Going To See Figure Out What Exactly Is Wrong With Me? I Am Afraid If She Asks Me Questions, I Will Outsmart Her With My Answers. I Dont Have Much Trust In Doctors, So I Dont Know How She Will Figure Out What Is Going On Inside Me?

Any Help And Or Advise Would Be So Appreciated. You See, I Really Dont Believe That I Can Be Helped, Because I Have Lived With This Depression Most Of My Life, I Realize It Can Be Helped With The Right Medication, But To Cure Me Of This, No I Dont Believe It Will Ever Happen. Too Many Things Have Happend In My Life And I Am Too Scared Of The Past, Present And Future To Ever Be Rid Of This.

Help Me Please, I Dont Know How To Act Or What To Say When I Go To The Doctor. I Hate It When They Say "why Are You Here", And What Can I Do For You?

I Will Scream If She Says That!

You obviously have problems that need addressing. write something out, as though you were writing to a dear friend or someone here, with your whole story. That way, you won't have to worry about changing things when she makes you nervous. She'll probably still ask questions, but will be forewarned that you might have trouble answering.

"No Doctor Has Ever Put Me On Medication For Depression, Yet I Have Taken Prozac, Celexa And Now Lexapro For Years"

So it's your husband who's been prescribing drugs for you? I'm sorry, but I can't remember if you're on anything now. I always mention this - is there a chance that your drugs have caused some of your problems. They all carry an even worsening of depression and anxiety as side effects. Pharmacists shouldn't be playing doctor. I'm sure that you both know that: " I Am Terrified That She Will Think That I Am Ok And Ask A Few Questions, Look At The Meds I Take, Maybe Change Them And Send Me On My Way." That's pretty much what happens to everyone. There is no sure fire way to test for any psychiatric "disorder" or any way of knowing what brain chemical is "out of balance" and subsequently, no way of knowing what drug or cocktail of drugs will balance it or make you feel better.

It sounds to me like you just want a doctor to diagnose you - that it will make you feel better just to have a name for it, but I don't see how that will help. If you've already been on 3 SSRIs that are "supposed" to treat depression and you're still in such a bad way, why would you think that more drugs are going to do the trick?

I say, look at the drugs you've taken and you might find an answer as to why you have some or worsening problems. It's very, very common for someone to start a drug and then get worse or have even more problems. "Emotional lability" (instability. sometimes severe) is a side effect of all of the drugs you've taken and, once altered, the brain sometimes has a very difficult time healing.The truth is that nobody in the medical field really knows if a "biochemical imbalance" is the cause of any mental disorder, and they don't know how even the hypothesized "biochemical imbalances" could produce the emotional, cognitive, and behavioural symptoms that characterize any mental disorder. Clever marketing tactics exercised by the pharmaceutical industry, have prevailed above scientifical evidence and research.

In any case, I'm sure that your new doctor will "treat" you and maybe it will help you. I hope so. Have you ruled out all physical problems that could be associated with your depression and anxiety? Have you had your blood tested for thyroid problems? Could menopause be a problem? Could you be hypoglycemic by chance? I ate sugary treats all the way home from Wisconsin on Sunday night, because I was bored while driving and the next day was one of the worst I ever had. Every thought was so negative and I could barely get through the day, even missing my evening class. At first, I didn't know what was going on, but then figured that it must be the sugar. It was awful and I so feel for anyone who has to feel that way everyday. Do you drink coffee or alcohol? Can you get some exercise - maybe get a treadmill?

Good luck?