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Dear Aurora,
I was like you I didn't think I would or should take antidepressants I went on for ages but my world finally caved in when my dad died. I was a mess. Not only with the mental side of it, but I also experienced physical sensations as well. I would have that heart sinking feeling (similar to what you feel when someone has died) I could actually feel my skin crawling and I would wake up and find myself rocking back and forth. You have a chemical in balance in your brain, and this is where the antidepressants step in. In the end I gave in and started taking antidepressants. The first ones were Auroryx (not strong enough) then I tried Zoloft (made me nauseaus and I was always throwing up) Next Prozac (still not strong enough) Finally after months of feeling I would never feel normal again, my pyschaitrist put me on Dotheipin. Hallelujah finally I was starting to feel okay again. I have now been taking Dotheipin for 5 yrs and it has made a difference. I still have periods of depression but not as severe as my initial depression. My doctor prescribes Serepax for when I am not coping well. I do take Serepax only when I am agitated and can't concentrate on what I am doing at the time. My pysch told me that it doesn't take many triggers for my depression to start up, compared with some people who can handle a lot without it seeming to worry them. My mum still suffers from depression, my dad had many nervous breakdowns, but wouldn't take anything in fear of being labelled 'weak' My eldest sister also has depression, I have/had 2 sisters that are and were alcoholics. My youngest brother has bi-polar disease. So it definitely is an inherited disorder.
If I were you I would get myself mentally well before thinking of having children. Good Luck Aurora, never be ashamed of having depression after all 1 in every 5 suffer depression so you are not on your own.