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Fluoxetine is the generic name for PROZAC. Just do a internet search for Fluoxetine. Like all anti depressants, they all come with side effects, ups and downs, but if the drug works for you then it is worth it.

Lots of people writing on this board take Prozac, so I am sure you will get many replies. I took Prozac many years ago and don't remember any problems with it.

Give it a try, at this point, you don't have much to loose.

Aurora, check out the Prozac peition. Read the comments of the signers. It really is a good source for finding what 16,000 former users think of the drug. Hey, where else are you going to find that many people in one place who took the drug?

I don't really know if taking Prozac would help with an eating disorder. I think that it's pure guesswork on the part of doctors to recommend these things. Prozac does cause weight gain in the majority of users. It's the most common side effect and often causes even more depression in those who don't want to gain weight. Nobody can tell you if it "will do any good". Some people say that it helps them, but, like I said, check out the petition. It'll really open your eyes.

Good luck.

Prozac/fluoxetine is listed as being treatment for depression, anxiety, obsessions, eating disorders.... It does sound like you ARE depressed, and I too feel paranoid when I am depressed. The med can help with that too.

You're right, there's a ton of information on the internet, much of it conflicting. Really, meds work individually--no one else's experience will be the same as yours.

I don't recall if it was your post which said about thinking of leaving the husband, but that too can be part of depression, and that too can be lifted with meds. I was going to run away, leaving behind a 9 month old and a 5 year old. Once I started meds though all that kind of thinking cleared up.

Meds aren't perfect. I did feel a little queazy to start with, and they can flatten your sex drive, among other things. But, given the choice of possible suicide or trying meds (maybe for a month??? just to see if they might work???)....... I don't know, is what you are currently doing working for you? What are your other choices? Yeah, I know, me too.

It seems like you might have some anxiety as well, and that will always mess with trying to get on meds--being scared to death of them does not help trying anything, right? Let us know how you're doing today.
I've been on Prozac (fluoxetine) for almost 4 weeks now and I THINK it's doing some good. It has the least side effects of any antidepressant I've taken. Prozac can help stimulate you, so it may actually help you lose weight. I've noticed a slight decrease in my weight, but I've also been exercising more (due to not feeling so run-down by the depression).