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I'm sorry to hear you are still wrestling with this right now. I was curious about the 2 meds as well, but see you have tried others that then poop out. I wonder if it was a dose issue or somthing? You've probably said it before, but what have you tried, and the doses?

Meds that are supposed to be good for anxiety w/ depression are Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil, and those are in order of least to more difficult to taper off, though maybe not as potentially challenging as Effexor (and maybe Cymbalta). Some of the others work also, but these ones have a bit of a track record with handling the anxiety as well.

Just wondering if you get obsessive thoughts--scary ones that you know you aren't going to act on but they keep popping up any way, unwanted. Those are part of anxiety usually as well, and those same meds (above) are supposed to help with that too. Hang in there, something will work, hopefully soon.