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Health Anxietywas one of my biggest problems beginning perimenopause at the age of 45. I'll tell you, there was nothign that would convince me that all these symptoms could be peri until my Gyne and I had it out for months and all the research I did and noted the way I was feeling...yep sure enough, it is peri. I take Prozac and it worked great for a while. But this time, when I lost my period again two months ago, my hot flashes have been horrible, in the day and night and can't sleep right. I am so nervous, nervous, nervous. I was also given Xanax but don't take that much. Maybe tonight I will just to try to take the egde off. So your doctor will have to suggest because they all effect people differently.

Has anyone had any luck with Prozac? I hear people talk about how good Welbutrin makes them feel,but I have also heard it can raise blood pressure, and I don't need that.This depression and anxiety is really getting to me.Thanks for listening.
I have been on prozac for about 8 years. It works for me. I also take trazadone at night cause prozac kept me from getting a full night sleep. ABout 2 times a year I take a xanax when I feel really anxious due to stress. It stops the cycle and I feel ok again.