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I was diagnosed with low thyroid last fall. Put on 1.5 grain armour and then 7 weeks later switched to synthroid/cytomel. I fell into a rapid and heavy depression and decided I felt better before I took any thyroid meds. I have had recurrent depression for 20 years. Mostly symptom free thanks to Prozac but this past year I can't seem to shake the periodic depression that seems to worsen at certain times of my menstrual cycle. My TSH was 3.3 and a doc thought I might benefit from thyroid. When the depression worsened I panicked and went off meds.

Has anyone had a similar situation with meds.? Could it have been the switch that triggered my issues? Hormones (natural or real) as in the case of the birth control pill or natural progesterone cream are definitely not my friends. My worry is if I have to go back on thyroid at some point I will be doomed to suffer more depression.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
Were/are you taking prozac & Thy meds? Often these meds can bring out the best or WORST :eek: in each other. Maybe that is what is happenning to you :confused:

Not sure if my body just didn't LIKE Synthroid, or if Zoloft & Syn didn't mix well for me. But it wasn't pretty or enjoyable. So I switched anti-D's, then got off Synthroid & feel like part of the human :D race again.