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Thank you so much for answering me.

Ok to answer your questions:
-I've been on Xanax for about 13 years for panic. I'm only taking .5 mg/day. I'm also on Prozac (about 10 yrs)
-I did that "look up" thing...and I didnt feel any release, or what I could identify as such...
-as far as tests...iyo, how long should I wait? I'm actually switching insurances (i only work part time, looking for fulltime) b/c mine doesnt cover barely anything. It wont take effect for at least another week.
-I feel like its mucus, phlegm, and crap from my p.n.d...but would that cause such a huge reaction when i yawn? It's like when that part of the throat opens up, I feel like everythings gonna come up. I feel nauseous all the time but its bad when i yawn. i've never thrown up from pnd before so why now? I also feel the nausea in the middle of my chest. But not like a indigestion thing.
-It's been mild for about 3 weeks. Last 2 days, its been worse.

Went to my psychyitrist today (she wanted me to come right in) and she thinks its my anxiety. But the thing is, I didnt get anxious until it got worse.