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Oh you sound so normal for menopause. When they took out your ovaries and even though you took all kinds of medicine, possibly now it's the bodies way to go through the menopause physiologically. We may go through all of this due to surgery but at age, we go through it again. Sorry you are having such a hard time with this, my God I did! I understand the panic attacks and i understand the jitters and the relationship part also. It might do you good to get some aid then from either your gyne or therapist. I did both routes and it helped me a lot to understand menopause, and trauma I'd experienced. I take Prozac and that does keep my panic attacks in check. benn on it for two years now. I have xanax when needed but i don't use it much, i'd rather grind my teeth, lol! It's just so addictable and try8ing to avoid that mess in general. We are here for you on the boards. I have been gone for a while now, busy in work and such, but I tend to come back and visit everynow and then. Stay well.