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Oh gosh.... I don't know what all I've had. I've been doing this off and on for 9 yrs (trying to get regulated).
I can remember the ones that I don't like- prozac, depakote, lithium, well butrin (sp?), paxel, effexor XL (OK but still makes me sleepy)... That's all I can think of at the moment but there's about 10 more. I just started Abilify and it's not agreeing with my tummy. But I also talked to my dr's nurse yesterday and she told me it's a really good drug with low side effects so I'm trying to stick with it. Some of the drugs available will REALLY mess with my blood sugars she said and this one shouldn't. I'm not looking for a miracle drug but when I read the other thread and it was mentioned that some of you might know of "energizing" meds it got my attention. That's one of my biggest problems- no energy, no motivation, just blah. I talked to the nurse about the cymbalta b/c I saw the "Depression Hurts" tag line and thought maybe it would make me feel better. She explained it was more literally pain management and I'm not in pain. I take Xanax for panick attacks which is really redundant b/c they're "as needed" and by the time I feel one coming on and take the xanax the attack is over before the pill has time to work. The only time it's of any use is when I have panick "days". I walk through the whole day feeling like I'm in the middle of a panic attack. In any case, I'm just trying to get "normal"....