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Looking for a bit of advice and unsure whether to see my GP as feel a bit silly. I am 33 and started back at work in January after maternity leave of my 3rd child. I thought about requesting to return part time but really thought i could handle full time and home life. By the end of January i started feeling the pressure of housework,cooking,helping my 2 older kids with homework plus a full time job. I have no ME time, i'm finding i'm taking my emotions/anger out on my husband and children (not physically, just in a shouting way),i start crying for no apparant reason and this happens at work and when i'm sometimes just driving home. I heard about the right to apply for flexible working so made my application in February but my boss (who has no kids) has just mucked me about and stalled with things. I've now passed the case to the Union who are now involved but don't seem to be in a hurry themselves. When i'm not at work i worry about going into work and i find that as soon as i come home from work i open a bottle of wine, i suppose it makes me forget about things. What i don't understand is that at work i don't have enough work to do full time and this is the frustrating things as i've requested to work 3 days a week so is it stress? or is it anger at the situation? I feel like life is passing me by and i am missing out on my new baby so much. I am the office joker normally and a fun person but i'm now sick of the mask i am wearing and want to be feeling "normal" and in control again. My family and friends have told me to go to the doctor and get myself signed off, can i ask to be signed off or will i just automatically be prescribed prozac or something like it? My work is going to get very awkward when the Union eventually come and face my boss. Any advice, comments much appreciated?