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well that does make sense, and also it would make sense that another reason would be a combo of hormones and attractive opposite sex that might get these teens in a flurry. It's nature, plain and simple. But psychiatry apparentely is above nature.

You know, it's one thing for them to try and help a severely mentally ill person, but quite another to judge everyone and everything as being diseases or disordered so they can get more patients and sell more drugs.

When will they stop? You know, they are very clever; they know parents are afraid for their children these days (and rightly so) so they prey on those fears.

They also prey on all our fears; like we couldn't possibly survive anxiety or depression, that it will literally kill us unless we swallow all the pills. It's just not true. People can and have developed techniques to thrive without pills to control every emotion. Well, and people on their pills have died too. When my mother-in-law lost her husband, a doctor literally told her she'd be sorry if she didn't take Prozac. Scared the pee out of her when he told her that. I asked her, well, did she feel suicidal. She said no. I said then, what could happen to you without prozac? Would her body just explode or something??(maybe like that movie "Scanners"?)SO stupid was that doctors' statement, almost scared her into something she didn't need then and even now years later.

I am beyond disgusted lately about it all.