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I have been living with bp2 with ulta rapid cycling for 12 years now. Through many of those years I have gone through meds like crazy and have found no real relief. I have gained a whopping 60 pounds through it all and am now at the point where I am as depressed by the weight gain as by the bp. I am at a point now where I am off all meds except for my trazadone- which I hope to get off of all together as well. I still cycle a lot and notice a lot of the anger and irritability is still going head on, but I am so discouraged at all the meds I have tried and have not worked. I just came off of celexa- what a nightmare that med was. Also lithium which totally threw my thyroid into a wacky state plus other side effects. I have been on prozac, celexa, wellbutrin,zoloft, plus others I can no longer remember.Being in Canada we are limited to meds here that are available in the states, so at a loss as where to go from here. I do not want to gain any more weight as I am in tears every day due to how awful I feel and how fat I look. I have asked my pdoc to try lamictal but for some reason he puts me off and refuses to even give it a go. I really do not know why. I have been with pdocs for the whole 12 years and have tried all that they have asked with no relief. I am housebound and do not work due to the bp, have no friends and have isolated myself due to all the different moods, and the fact that I never know who I will be from day to day. I am at the point of giving up on meds and just allowing myself to try and get through it all without any help. I have had councelling and had a good psychologist who helped me understand my diagnosis and accepting it for life, but the meds have done me in. Do you think it is possible to go through this with no meds and try and deal with it that way- or am I fooling myself into a dark hole and worse bp. I do notice as I get older that it is getting worse, but meds are not helping. Where do I go from here? Does anyone do it without meds?:confused: