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I am 29 and have always had fairly painful periods; sometimes I could still do things, about 1/2 the time I was out of commission. (I am looking for fulltime work and it willl SUCK when I have to take 2 days off every month for this). A few times, like yesterday, I had it so bad that I broke into a sweat all over my body, I was shaking uncontrollably, and not b/c I was scared; its just something, I suppose, your body does when you pass a certain pain threshold...
and I had terrible lower stomach pain. I've noticed that if there's something in my lower stomach (food wise) it can be worse and my stomach has to empty itself for the pain to start going away.
After severa trips to the bathroom, it started going away. I had taken 2 Advils for it.
My question is:
1. Has anyone had this too?
2. What is the best medication for it?
3. Is this unusual?

I felt like I might pass out, w/all the sweating and shaking. I was quite weak too. Like some other ppl here who have bad periods, I thought I was just unlucky and had to live through it. But I wouldn't wish this torture on my worst enemy. I'd shoot them first...less painful.

FYI: I have been on Prozac and Xanax for over 10 years. I have been on Prevacid for a few months now b/c of a larynx-acid thingy.