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my worst was Cymbalta
best so far is Lexapro.
i also didnt like Prozac because i would wake up in the morning with a big smile on my face and it didnt seem right at all LOL.

just curious what has worked for you and what was the worst.

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Best: Effexor! I wish I could go back on it. I might if I think I can find a way to deal with the side effect (unbelievable constipation).

Worst: I guess it would have to be serzone. made me way too dopey:dizzy: . I'd say prozac because of the excruciating headaches, but that drug really works for depression, so I'll give it a pass.
Best: so far it has been prozac

Worst: Paxil, Effexor and Lexapro. Paxil made me suicidal, Effexor and Lexapro gave me horrific nightmares with little relief from depression
Best - Prozac

Worst - Effexor
Best: Paxil - I can now experience life!
Worst: Prozac - vomiting, dizziness, crazy thoughts.

Now where do I start
1. Aurorix - not strong enough
2 Zoloft - vomitted and voitted and vomitted instead of taking me off it the doc gave me an anti vomitting medicine but that didn't work. Sent me for Thyroid test and found out I had a dicky thyroid.
3. Prozac - no good still not strong enough
and finally
4 Dotheipin
I have been on Dotheipin now for erm 6 yrs. I started out taking 3 X 75mg tablets and have been taking 2 X 75mg tablets for the past 4 yrs.

I still have bouts of depression but nothing as severe as when I first started treatment. I have found that when I am experiencing these bouts I have a blood test and usually my Thyroid is the culprit. I am going through a bout at present so I will be off to the doc and see if I can have another blood test.