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I am really struggling lately. I have been a long time PMS sufferer and now am in peri. I am finding the physical symptoms to be mostly bloating, bloating, bloating, gas, consitpaiton (really bad just before period), fatigue, night sweats, insomnia, etc...but the worst part is the mood swings and depression. I am off prozac for the first time in years because I felt like it was adding more negative stuff than it was taking away. I really don't want to be on any meds if possible, but everyday I feel less and less able to handle my life. If I didn't have kids I don't think I would hesitate, but I don't want to cause them the pain of losing a mother to this.

I cannot seem to get myself past turning 40 this past spring. I feel like my life may as well have ended that day. I am not the same person. I feel like an alien around other people. I look tired and bloated and my skin is dry and literally peeling off of my face. I went to the doctor and they just don't get it. They just want to throw more pills at me, and I am sitting there thinking "can't you see I am DROWNING here?"

My partner has had it with me, she feels that it's "always something" and that all I do is complain and wallow in this misery. She does not see at all that it is not my choice, and when I do have a good day I almost feel like it's just a set up for the next bad one because there is always a bad one right around the corner. I want to disappear.

I have thought about going to the emergency room a few times because I don't think I can handle another day of this. Then I seem to be OK for a while and even I question myself. I did call my therapist and am waiting for a call back, but I have such a total lack of hope that it seems pointless. Nothing is going to change reality and reality is that I am miserable.

Sorry needing to vent and feeling so totally alone.
You can change your reality.

Take it step by step.

First.... get back on some medication. It doesn't have to be prozac. Lexapro was a good choice for me... the point is, you need to clear some of that depressive fog, so you can make other changes.

What do you think about that?

You can't help it that you are in peri..... but you can and do control the way you handle it. Seek out some support. All women make this journey, so you are not alone or different.

If you don't feel like leaving the house, come to this board. Women here will help you. Trust me being 40 is not the end of the world. I will be 44 in a couple months, and I can say that I'm really liking some things about being "older"... it's weird, once you accept that you are no longer a 20-30 something... it's liberating. I once felt like you, but now I'm kind of into the whole "wisdom" thing :D

What makes you laugh? Rent a good comedy, eat your favorite food in bed while watching it, and drink your favorite drink.

If you are familiar with anti-depressants, then you know they take awhile to kick in.. Lexapro actually works pretty quick, and I had almost no side effects... anyhow... while you are waiting for that fog to clear be really, really good to yourself. That's why I mentioned a comedy in bed. I watched an entire season of Sex and the City in one night! But it's all about what you enjoy and what works for you.

Keep coming back here.... turst me, you can do this!