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Right now I take lexapro and depakote, and from time to time, zyprexa. The lexapro keeps my moods even, and the depakote works really well curbing my compulsions. I've been on this combination for a while, and don't have any real side effects. It is an unusual combination, I think, for OCD, but it works for me. In the past I've taken zoloft (gained weight), prozac (yuck), klonopin (didn't work), elavil (really liked, but stopped working after a while)...you name it, I've pretty much been on it Something I've noticed, though- when I was taking zoloft, I had more spikes in my ocd- Now, I go for long periods of time being relatively okay, but when I freak out- I freak out hard!...hence the zyprexa. Nasty drug, zyprexa. I think it's actually an antipsychotic...basically, it knocks me out and I sleep off my spike. I'm usually much better when I get around to waking up...but like I said, it rarely happens.
I think the meds have done a great job keeping me "even"...I think they give me the stability I need to be able to "think my way out" of things. Babble fest- probably way more info than you were looking for! Sorry- I tend to do that. :)