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I know that this subject has been brought up several times on the boards, but I would like to get some advice on what some of the common approaches are to my situation.

I have incurred 3 pregnancies/3 c sections, and I have underwent a tubal ligation in July of 2003. I noticed that the cycles were getting heavier after the last child came along, but I don't know exactly when.

Fast forward to now: I underwent the D&C on July 17 of this year, which cleared out the uterine lining, but the heavy cycles came back not long thereafter.

I've been noticing that the cycle is "up to full speed" even the first day. It used to be that it took at least a day to get a full head of steam, but now I've got to worry about it before dusk falls. LOL I will usually be standing, and, wham!, out it comes, and I have to run to the bathroom to "take care of business..."

I started experiencing more clotting last night, too. I understand that a lot of women experience clotting with their cycles, but my cycles have been changing for the past few months, what with the uterine lining/mucous scenario going on starting back in June. Thankfully, I didn't incur this last month but did experience a large piece of mucous the month before (I try to document all of this).

The first night of the cycle, which was 2 days/nights ago, I (as usual) slept on my back on the couch with a dark-colored bath towel underneath me to keep any accidents from getting away. No kidding. I was up 3 times that night. The first towel had to be replaced with another one. I can usually get the stain out of jammie "shorts" or bottoms but cannot get it out of u/wear.:dizzy:

What bothers me is that I feel inclined to bring this to my ob's attention because I want his feedback regarding different approaches to make the cycles shorter and/or lighter. I know that birth control pills are one way to go about it. I am also familiar with uterine ablation, but we are still unemployed (hopefully, not for long), and I don't know what my dr. will suggest since he's conservative.

I'm not closed to the idea of birth control pills, but since we're not insured and there would most likely be at least a month's wait until the health insurance would kick in, I'd have to wait for something like that. Also, depending on whatever insurance coverage we get (I kind of hope that it's BCBS or Cigna, since I know my dr's office is a provider for Cigna and most likely BCBS), I don't know if the doctor's group that I deal with will be in the network.

I really like my new ob/gyn's group of doctors and have no desire to swtich from him/them. I can only hope that whatever insurance company we will be dealing with will have these doctors in their network.

Do you think that it would be a good idea to bring up the subject now and get my doctor's feelings about it in [preparation] for any [future] treatment or possibly wait until my next yearly exam around the beginning of February? I always hesitate calling/faxing him because I feel like I'm being a nuisance/pesky. I've been dealing with issues/that office since the beginning of the year (Recap: I had a left ovarian dermoid cyst removed on 3/22/06 and then had the D&C performed on 7/17/06).

Thanks for any advice that you can provide.


P.S. I don't usually have "painful" cycles. I do have the usual pressure in the vaginal/cervix area and a backache right before it starts. Oh, and did I mention PMS to the point of being a holy terror a few days before?! I don't know what he'd recommend for that. I really don't want to have to take Prozac...heh heh:blob_fire