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I have suffered from what my doctor told me was Major Depression. I was diagnosed 3 years ago but my Psychologist said that I had been suffering from it longer because I was deep in it when I finally saw someone.

I took Zoloft and was later put on Wellbutrin XL to take while on Zoloft by my first Psychiatrist who was a nut. When I had seen the second one, she took me off Wellbutrin and eventually off Zoloft and switched it for Prozac.

I had to quit taking Prozac when I got pregnant and I feel fine but I'm only 20weeks along so it can change.

My questions are: is my depression going to come back after I have my baby? Will it be worse? Also, do I have a higher risk of suffering from Post Partum?

I would really like to know because after I have my child, I plan on enlisting and I cannot be on medications while in boot camp or training.

Thanks in advance for any help!