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last week i went to the docs for depression and anxiety that has hung over me for 4 years. i got prozac now. im only on it a week so no change yet but heres hopin'. what im a bit concerned or confused about is, last time she asked me if there was any major event that happened that could have possibly triggered it. i said no-but i have a feeling it didnt just spring up.

i do have very low self esteem, im anxious yes, and socially i can be awkward with different types of people. but she doesnt know some things cos i didnt know fi it was my place to tell her-is she supposed to get told this stuff??

as im sure you have read, i was molested by a 15yr old from age 8-11, he told me we were gonna play hide and seek, he'd touch me and stuff even when i said no. now i think of it the other kids had some suspcious behaviour. when i just moved in was playing with a boy a yr younger, we played barbies in my room, suddenly he took out his penis and asked me to touch it.but it doesnt sound very traumati-i mean how could i get so messed up over this?? the thing is alot of this is so hazy, what if ive made a mistake, what if its just in my mind,i cant remember full sentences, just little clips of it and were it happened. ive never had a boyfreind, and i dont really trust many, i feel nothing for anyone intimatley which i would like to be able to feel someday.

also, i was badly bullied, chased by knives and the teachers terrorized me in school-it made me very nervous, something even my mother admits.

i think this may be relevant cos today i still have panic attacks in class if i have to read out, i dont like people looking or staring at me, i wont have anyone touch or poke me and i dont look many in the eye. ive had nervous twitches and all sorts too. see, around the time i was 8 or so, i got hyperventilation panic attacks, and now im beginning to wonder, although i never understood it was abuse at the time, was my own body trying to tell me something, was it actually stressful at the time more than i knew-i just didnt understand it.no one beleived my panic attacks, they thought i was doing my usual weird habits like the twitches and that i just wanted attention(which i really dont) i never mentioned to the doc about the previous panic attacks.

i dont feel much for the abuse, i dont feel much at all though in retrospect, i dont get attacthed unless to those im related to or special exeptions, i tell no one how i feel or what im really thinking. ive had body and eating issues, self harm and depression and anxiety-could this all be due to PTSD?? is it worth mentioning to the doc, incase it is relevant and she thinks its all chemical based? how should i even go about it, will i get in trouble or will they go looking for the boy??im 18 now, it was a long time ago, is it even possible for something like this to effect me now?? please reply, id be so grateful :) xox