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Hello to all. I have posted here on and off, but never told my story. I have had anxiety since December 2005, after I had major surgery. It was a first surgery and it traumatized me. Anyway...I went on AD Paxil first, then immediately switched to Prozac (b/c of birth defect possibilities--in case of preg), then after constantly feeling tired, realized I was having a bad side effect of Prozac (where you are awaken up to 300 times a night w/o knowing it). So, was switched to Celexa. I got off from that in the beginning of August. I was doing well up until 2 weeks ago. And, about 3 weeks before that, felt completely tired all the time. Lately, I have been "short" with my family...not wanting to or meaning to. I feel all I am living for is my daughter, who is only 2 1/2. We have been trying for our second baby, for 4 months. No luck. I have been trying to find a job, no luck. Found out my mom's best friend had a heart attack and died at age 44 (2 years younger than my mom). This aggrevated my anxiety. I worry about anything medical. My dd had an ear infection, and then fell full flight down our stairs. I have been under a lot of stress, and my therapist isn't helping me cope (other than to tell me maybe I need meds again). I have been sleeping ALOT. 10-12 hours a night only to wake up tired...why? Am I depressed? I know that anxiety and depression can go hand in hand, however, I have prided myself in being upbeat, but lately could care less. Is it the weather. I worry that I have cancer or something else that is making me feel so tired. I have also had the worst case of acne lately ( I am 26) and hardly ever get more that a pimple now and then. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks.:)