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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]OMGoodness!! my first visit with my psy doctor was nothing like that. i think if it was i would not go back. i dont' have 2 hours to wait in a docs office. no one does. i found mine through a church i go to. i was going with counseling for a while for my grief over a petloss and one thing turned into another and now i'm dealing with major depression. my counselor helped me find a psychatrist. i like her alot now. i tried and tried to deal with it without medication but i just can't anymore. that seems like a lot of meds to start with. i've tried a couple but not all at the same time. i'm on prozac now and seems to be working.....finally i have some relief from this depression. i alos take ambian for sleeping. love that stuff. :)

well, hope your doing well...:p
Wave: I am so sorry that you have had so many problems finding a psychiatrist! First of all, if I were you, I would not go back to that doctor who scared you. It is very important to have a good interrelationship with your psychiatrist,especially. You didn't seem to have any confidence in him, and I can certainly understand why!!!
Why don't you call the first psychiatrist - the one you had to wait to get an appointment with. It's worth the wait. In the meantime you have the diazepam to calm you down; but those drugs aren't meant to be taken regularly. I haven't had as bad luck as you have, but I easily could have if I had been in a different environment. My mother was like your father - very domineering and over-protective; and I grew up feeling very insecure. I knew I wasn't happy or content as were my friends; but I didn't know where to turn. I finally heard about an excellent psychiatrist, who helped me understand a lot about myself; i.e. that I was responsible for the way I felt and that I couldn't expect people to treat me with respect if I didn't respect myself. I also realized that I need to take an anti-depressant and have been taking Prozac for the past 4 years. It has helped me tremendously. I now put things in perspective and don't get anxious and worried about every little thing and my confidence in myself has grown. I'm not trying to diagnose you, but I just wanted you to know about my experience. It doesn't matter if you have to wait a while to see a good psychiatrist - one that has a really good reputation and, hopefully, has been recommended by your doctor or a good friend. And don't be afraid to shop around until you find one that you can relate to. There are many good (and bad) psychiatrists out there.
Good luck! :)