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well, if you read my last post'should i go back'-youll know what im talking about. ive felt rubbish all week. ive bin so down i cant escape it, i want to self harm and have had suicidal thoughts. i cannot focus and am falling soo behind on uni work and i find myself getting into stupid habits again ie-pulling out plugs and switches, closing cupboard doors and linign things up. i feel very anxious, and restless, i cant sit still. i wake up every few hours at night too.

so anyway i tried to get to see the doc today but i have to wait till friday-what am i gonna do till then? my essays and readings have to be done for thrusday and i havnt begun, i cant do them, unless im around people i feel so down and im anxious alot. im actually ok at the mo, but for most of the day i was down and anxious. in fact i live far out from town, i was so restless i felt the need to get up aty the crackl of dawn and get the bus into town just to walk around for hours and come back home to walk about the house and clean while listebning to music?? i have so mucu to be doing but i cant focus. luckily i resisted the urge to buy some new razor blades which was good, i didnt feel suicidal today...i never thought id ever use that sentence..

anyways, can anyone tell mwe what i should do until then??? can this get worse withtin three days??? how should i explain to my tutors. and the big question-will the doc pack me off to the funny farm iof i self harm?? will she take me off prozac!! i cant go wiyhout the meds, i need something for anxiety! pleas help, from your experiences what happenes and do you think these meds should eb working by week three?? xox