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I just wanted to say hi, and let you know a bit more about me!

I am 23/f/Philadelphia, who had delt with depression off and on since a pre-teen. I got help over five years ago, and tried prozac with no help, and then Effexor XR, which almost ruined my life( long story short I had a lot of terrible side effects).

Since the effexor I have been somewhat in denial about my depression, feeling like I can 'will' myself better, and just handle it since it comes after very long stretches of time, even as long as a year apart. I have also been terrified of medication since the effexor. And have refused to look into meds since. I also believe in talk therapy and have been going for a number of years and LOVE my current therapist.

Recently my depression hit me out of nowhere, and terrible headaches accompanied it, which affected my speech and thinking patterns. I finally could not stand feeling unlike myself, and dealing with it that I admitted myself to an affective disorder care facility. I came to terms with my denial and realized that depression is physical and that I can not control it. There I recieved Welbutrin SR/Bupropion SR and am now at 300mg Daily (150mg x2). Since then I have started feeling beter, more like myself, but slightly under where I normally function at.

Right now, I am living day by day, trying to give myself credit for the things I do, no matter how small, and just being patient and forgiving with myself. As well as reaching out to loved ones and friends for support.

I appreciate any and all feed back, and I am glad to have found such a wonderful resource.
[COLOR="Green"]Hi there.:wave: I've been here a little bit now. couple months i guess. i have found to i will post and get no responses. seems everyone here is in the same mind set...."i'm depressed. i'll post. someone reply to my post, etc". i've done it myself lots of time. i would post some words and wait for someone to come along and reply. so i try to put my 2 cents in where i can...:)

i was reading your post thinking i was the same way....trying to "will and talk" myself out of this depression i'm in. its helped...the talking but it wasnt' enough anymore. i was doing some self injury and i HAD to go with medication. it took everything in me kicking an screeming to admit to myself i just can't handle life or major depression unless i take something. i tried a couple meds...paxel, zoloft, celexa. celexa worked for a little while then made me so irratated i had to stop it. now taking prozac. seems to be the one for me right now. but i dont' want to keep my hopes up that it will keep working. i hope it does but still...

well, don't give up posting just yet. i'm sure everyone on here is doing the best we can helping one another since we are all here for the same reason...depression. its a monster disease thats for sure. sometimes i just "let er rip" here. i dont' care if anyone replies i just want / need to vent.

i hope your doing well...:)