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My son was originally dx'd with bipolar disorder, and we went through a lot of pain until we went to a new psychiatrist for him and she confirmed our thoughts that he has Asperger's. At first she was between AS and PDD NOS, and had me research more to see which felt more like him, either way he is on the spectrum. The thing that seals it for me is that when I would read the message board I belonged to for parents of bipolar children I was constantly shaking my head and saying Joe isn't like that, or isn't that bad. With autism I'm not doing that, everything fits. That being said, he was on Risperdal and prozac when we thought he had bipolar. Prozac made him worse. My husband didn't like the possibilityof side effects on Risperdal, so now his new Psych has him on Abilify and Strattera, which are helping, but I'm wondering if he needs more of the abilify.