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I wish I had an answer for you!!! I feel the same way and it gets worse as I get older, I am now 36yrs old. I have been on Prozac, a list of vitamins, nothing took it away. Just sad, angry, lost, tired the only time I feel "normal" is a few days after my period has started. Then 2 weeks before all over again with bloating and pimples. I take a water pill that the Dr prescribed that helps.

I am on Lexapro to help with quitting smoking that helps. I soak in the bath and try to relax before I go to bed which helps.

I have no advice but I understand, the older I get the worse the symtoms are.
well saw my doc tonight an she wants to try prozac an im not going to take it,i am going to try some herbal stuff get some exercise,i think i have a hormonal imbalance,im glad im not the only one lol