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I have posted on these boards before.I have been diagnosed with acid reflux,hiatal hernia and a sluggish gallbladder.The only medication I am currently on is nexium.I was on a statin for a few years but I quit that a few months ago to see if it would help with my symptoms but it hasn't.I am determined to rule out/find out what is up with me if anything.This may be long but I would sincerely appreciate any feedback...I am 31/female.Along with my digestive problems I have started getting irregular heartbeats.Iwent to the doc on friday and did an ekg.She said my pulse is high 96 and they are having me do a holter monitor(I go tomorrow) for 24 hrs.And on the 14th I go for a stress echo.I am glad they are being thorough.She went on to say that it sounds like anxiety and if everything comes out o.k. she wants to put me on a low dose beta blocker to control my pulse.I do not have high blood pressure unless i am extremely nervous.On friday it was 120/68.By the way the last doc I went to gave me presciption for prozac that I never took.So aside from all of this I have other symptoms that confuse me.I have what they say is rls.mostly feels like bubbles moving in my legs and sometimes it feels like bugs crawling on my legs.I had horrible growing pains for many years and every once in a while that is exactly how i feel now.I have had muscle twitches in other spots too.eyes,arms,back etc.My main complaint now is my arms ache so bad and it seems like I cant do anything with them.Last night i blow dryed my daughters hair and it felt like they would fall off.I do get tingling up my spine and burning between my shoulder blade but i broke my neck when I was 11 and assume its from that.The chiropracter told me there was a touch of arthritis or something there.At other times one or both arms ache from shoulder to elbow to wrist to finger jointThe only other thing I complain of recently is my legs aching and my feet burn sometimes.I just want to figure this out.I have never really felt good but I have had a lot of injuries throughout my 31 yrs.(I was hit by a car when I was 11)So here I am just wanting to know if it is just anxiety or if there is something else I should ask about.All my blood work has been good.She told me my thyroid was checked 6 mos ago and it was fine.I had never even considered a thyroid prob.My counts were fine.I had a ct scan in May and they found a cyst on my liver and a 3mm kidney stone but they said neither of these should cause a problem...I also have had a cyst in my breast (I still have milk,my youngest is 6 1/2)Dont know what that is about either.I think that about it I had mono when I was 16 and alot of strep throat,other than that I just remember being tired easily.Sorry to be so long but once I get the heart tests done I dont want to be dismissed with anxiety if there is something else.Like I told my husband I would rather have anxiety than some other disease but I dont feel like that is all there is to this.Any input is appreciated and I thank you in advance for your time