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I am almost positive that my boyfriend has NPD. I've done a lot of research on it the last few days. I tried to talk to him last night about how I feel that he doesn't show empathy, and he got really defensive as usual and said "it's not my fault." (It's never his fault, it's always my fault, my friends' fault, his parents' fault, the world's fault.) Then in the conversation following he said "maybe you think I'm just waiting for something better to come along, someone more like me." Obviously projecting, because I never implied or even thought that. I cried, sobbed, it hurt so much. He told me I misunderstood him, whatever. He was nice for awhile, then we started talking about "stuff" again and he told me he wasn't sure if he was coming to visit me for Christmas anymore because "there's a lot of time between now and then," that "maybe he just loved me because of jfkdsjfkdj" (whatever that word is that describes the way people smell), he told me I could no longer call him past midnight his time because its "selfish and inconsiderate" (he NEVER goes to class anyway, and I would love him to call me anytime.) He tried to impose some time rule yet he is always telling me "don't change." He got really worried/paranoid that I'm going to a psychiatrist and might start taking prozac because he is "against anti-depressants," yet he freaks out if I tell him not to take, for example, cocaine ("I can put whatever I want into my own body! I am my own master.") I told him how much it hurt me that he's not sure we're even going to last until Christmas and to stop letting me believe we're going to get married, I talk about how I would love to live with him and have children with him and he always agrees, then he suddenly isn't sure if we're going to make it a month. Then he said "will you marry me?" sarcasm of course, I found that cruel, I hung up, he calls back and says "i love you, you love me, what's the problem?" By this point he had taken 4 valium, I told him I'd talk to him later. I told him today I couldn't take it anymore, that I am too sensitive and fragile to never know if he's going to suddenly change his mind. He wrote me a text saying "Why do you want it to be over? I'm not going anywhere, you won't trust me. your heart has become cynical and cold and it's not my ******* fault." I didn't respond and then he wrote back in ten minutes saying "I tell the truth. Whinge whine, me me me, me me. Lie, twist manipulation, self pity. you're pathetic. spoiled ****** drug *****. **** off." I wrote back saying "you can pretend it's me you're mad at, but you're looking in a mirror - you are cold, cynical, hollow, you died a long time ago." then he said "you're right. it isn't even difficult its just going to be a minor logistical and procedural event."

Does he have narcissistic personality disorder? Am I just looking for a name to put on it so I won't feel like it's my fault? If he does, do these people ever change, are they capable of really loving anyone? My heart is breaking, I believed he really loved me but was just hurt by his past, but I feel like I've just been living a lie.