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I started Prozac this morning (10mg) and will up it next week to 20. I have severe anxiety, some depression, and I obsess over things. I've taken Buspar but it's not doing much anymore.

I'm just looking for others experiences with this.

I took Prozac a few years ago, 20 mg, it took about 3 weeks to realy kick in, but it really gave me alot of energy. It never took my weird feelings (tingling, etc) away but it made me so that I don't sit and ponder on it all the time. Buspar didn't work for me either, in fact it made my anxiety worse. I just started taking my Prozac again about a week ago, I started with 20 mg, which I took before, but my doc says that maybe this time we will up the dosage after a while to see if this helps with the other weird feelings. I take xanax when I feel really bad. All, and All, the prozac was great!!!!
I took Prozac for nine years, worked great for about the first 6, then it fizzled out n me! I am now taking Luvox, which th Dr says is one of the first SSRI's to come out! can't say it's the greatest, but it is helping some, I also take Xanax...

Give the prozac, time. In the end i think you will find it works pretty good!

Good luck
I took prozac for about a year, 40mg. It worked well for the Depression/Anxiety but not so much for the OCD. I finally decided to switch to another med after the year ....... Hope you have a good experience with it.
hey....ive been on about 27 different medications for depression and anxiety.. a combination of so many different things.. i have been suffering with depression/anxiety for 15 years... finally i have found a combination that works for now which is 100 mg of sinequan and 40 mg of prozac.... yes im in the so called euphoric stage and will still be for several months. it could be 3 years or more to see if this combination will continue to work... i love prozac and in the words of my husband....i havent been this well in years.. thats my experience... i totally recommend it any comments?
I have been on 20mg of Prozac for 7 weeks. It made me very tired and agitated. I have taken the dosage down to 10mg over the last 5 days to see if I get a better result. So far, I am not impressed with the drug.

Also, it has killed my sex drive and my appetite.
Well, as of tonight I am done with Prozac. I dropped to 10mg and it still isn't working. I am having way too much agitation with this medication. I have no idea what to try next. Maybe Luvox.
I just stopped my prozac as well. Yesterday as a matter of fact. I was on 20mg for almost a month. It about killed me. The anxiety it gave me outweighed the benefits it had in helping me with my anger/depression issues. I was so anxious I could not function. No appetite and just over all shaky on the inside feeling and tired. I didn't want to leave the house. Not like me at all. I had to have my DH drive me to the Dr as I didn't think I would have made it yesterday I was so bad. My Dr is going to re-evaluate me in a week to see how my moods are and maybe drop the dose to 10mg or maybe prozac weekly. He also gave me a continuation of my xanax I had been taking along with the prozac to curb the anxiety issues I was having with it. Xanax is a great drug!! It's all I have been able to take really. I tried Wellbutrin once and it was HORRIBLE! ALL I know is I was not having anxiety issues before the use of Prozac but once I got on it that kicked in BIG TIME. On the up side like I said it did make me feel better in terms of worrying and anger.
Yes, I am still suffering with the panic attacks brought on by the Prozac. I only stopped the med this week on Tuesday. I am hopefull this drug gets out of my system soon. I had a pretty good panic attack upon waking this morning. That seems to be the way the Prozac works. Your anxiety is worse in the morning hours. Maybe it is a blood sugar thing as well. ALL I know is I want that part OVER!