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Let's see...
Here's my time line...
Born in 1984.. Family builds house over an old garbage dump/coal mines. (my sister and other kids are born premature on our street and I know of 6 people within a block - including myself- who end up with some kind of cancer.)

I live there.

*I am a pretty chubby baby.
*Feet turned in (pigeon toed) so my mom had me wear special shoes because I guess they turned in pretty bad. They still do a little. I don't know if that's a probelmn but I read somewhere that kids with thyroid problems may have problems like that.
*Bad allergies, sinus and ear infections- Removal of tonsils at age 2 1/2.
*Appendix bursts at age 6. Luckily I live. ;)
*Bad Allergies continue- Have some kind of fungal? infection- massive 'dry patches' on my upper arms every winter. I'm really skinny now. Hands and feet always cold my whole life.
*Get braces in 6th grade (that has no relevance I guess)
*No boobs, no underarm hair and no period until 14 or 15 years old.. i watched everyone but me get that stuff, so I think I was a late bloomer.
*After puberty I started gaining weight. not too much but I always thought of myself as chubby from about 9th grade on because I was chubbier than other people.. or maybe i just thought I was...
*Tired, periods of depression.. My parents got divorced when I was in 5th grade and my social skills sucked so I figured thats why I was so down all the time.
*I have two.. maybe three episodes that I remember.. I would classify them at "hypoglycemic" or maybe something with thyroid, who knows... I almost passed out.. Felt nauseous, started sweating horribly and just laid on the floor.. almost hallucinating. drank orange juice one time and that did not help. it was awful. happened at a sleepover when I was 13 - i really was hallucinating that time. happened once when I was babysitting when I was 14.. and once a few years ago, after the cancer I think so I dont think it was cancer related.. its an awful feeling and I wasnt on a diet or anything it came totally out of the blue.
*Age 16- Diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkin's disease- Four months of chemotherapy... Now considered in remission because it's been 6 years.
*Age 17-20 - Depression gets worse and sometimes better. I get prescribed prozac but then decide I'm not taking it. I attribute it to my poor social life and guys and lack of sunlight in Pennsylvania and then Washington state where I moved after high school to live with my dad.
*My periods are pretty regular, I'm definitely tired alot.. I'm 5'5 and 150 lbs at 18 but I manage to lose it very easy with a slight change in my diet.. I get down to 130lbs and then stay between 133-143 for the next two years.
* 20-- All of a sudden start getting yeast infections that never quite go away (they don't really bother me but I can tell things are right) or other bacterial infections there. - It's pretty bad and I get tested for every STD known to man even though I've been careful. I have nothing wrong except infections and they test me for diabetes and say I'm fine. Oh yes, and I also am diagnosed with TMJ. every night I try to relax and focus and not clenching my jaw, eventually the pain stops without any kind of medicine or night mouth guard. I still grind my teeth though.
* Age 21 to present.- move to California..
I'm under alot of stress here in LA - Ive picked up a horrible coffee habit in the last three years, I think it's just to stay awake.. slowly everything starts getting bad.. I need to weigh 122lbs and i get there once and gain it back. It seems like I can only lose weight on 800 calories a day or less. I kept a food diary and I used to lose weight at 1600 calories a day back in 2000 when i lost that first chunck of weight. My eating habits are better but still have a lot of carbs and sugar. My moods are all over the place, I have difficulty concentrating- 'foggy brain' some of the time-
I get my thyroid tested twice- just TSH and they say I'm fine.. I try all kinds of diets and ways to eat but I don't feel better. (vegan, macrobiotic, low-fat/high protein...)
Then my period stops for 6 months (hasnt come back yet),
I start finding white hairs on my head...
I'm always constipated and have to drink loads of coffee or take fiber pills to go.(i drink loads of coffee anyway for energy)
still have strange yeast infection type deals..
I'm constantly tired-- i have tons of things I need to get done and I'm extremely depressed and trying to find psychological reasons/excuses/problems for why I'm so lazy all the time and have only small spurts of motivation ( i hardly practice singing or clean my room or do the things that need doing- im tired and lazy and just go to work and then come home and sit around reading- i blame myself and get more and more depressed thinking im just psycho and self-destructive.)

The people I'm working with for my singing no longer want to work with me because I can NOT lose that last 8 lbs..
I'm feeling pretty desperate now.. my life is just passing me by and I have unaccounted for ailments that make no sense.
That's where I was a month ago---

I read about the south beach diet and do Phase 1..and miraculously my HORRIBLE salty/sweet cravings go away. I start craving good food like meat and eggs and vegetables..My moods stabalize and I lose maybe 1 or 2 lbs but it fluctuates.. and I realize I'm pretty much stuck at 131 even when I'm eating 1000 calories or less. I bought a book about the Epidemic of Hypothyroidism and read it all and was shocked at how it described me and my mom to a T.
Then, I went on a 3 week vacation to see my parents and for my annual cancer check-up and told my doctor all of my symptoms and he tested me for TSH and t4 and pregnancy and if I'm still ovulating.. Lo and Behold, I'm hypothyroid like I've been saying for a year now!!
I'm utterly relieved that there is a physiological reason for why my life seems to be going downhill..

Now I'm on all the supplements Mary Shomon recommends and I'm also taking synthroid 75 mcg. I just started all this yesterday so we'll see where it takes me.

My dad and his twin are on synthroid and have been for years now-- My dad was hypo for probably ten years before they figured it out.
My Mom has all the symptoms of hypo, too- WAY late puberty and irregular periods, crazy mood swings and depression, epstein-barr virus, cold all the time-- she now has rheumatoid arthritis and her mother has diabetes and high blood pressure. She read the book I had from front to back because she was so intrigued when she saw how much it desribed her whole life.

Anyway, there's my story.
This thing is affecting my quality of life and my potential career. so wish me luck on finding the right solution. ;)