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I just received my results from zrt.

free t-4 2.2 range .07-2.5

free t-3 2.4 range 2.5-6.5

I guess from the other questions they asked- they came up with the below, I think they are percents based on my symptoms only. The only test I had was the blood spot for free's

High insulin 28.9
low thyroid 38.9
high cortisol 43.8
low cortisol 37.9
high androgens 6.8
low androgens 36.2
estrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency 34.2
estrogen / progesterone deficiency 26.3

at the very bottom of the page it says----

free t-4 is within normal range with t4 therapy

free t=3 is lower than expected with t3 therapy. this is often due to poor GI absorption of the t3 or rapid metabolism of t3 from last use. Since t3 is the most bioactive of the thyroid hormones low levels are commonly associated with symptoms of low thyroid. Low t3 may be due to medications ,high cortisol,non thyroid illness,starvation as well as frank hypothyroidism.

I have been depressed (just weaned off of prozac 2 months ago) and have started st. john's wort. My current meds are thyroxine 150mcg and 20mcg of cytomel.

Any help ????

Thank You Karen

I self treat and deceided to have my free's checked because i was still not feeling 100 percent. I seem to be over the "brain zaps" from going off the prozac, but feel down (does not help that my Son is a new Marine and won't be home for the holidays). I have ordered the 5htp and I hope that will help with the blues. My low t-3 could be a big part of why I still feel down. My Temps have been a steady 98.2 so I'm a little confused on why my t3 is so low.