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[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]I took a ambian last night. early in the day. like around 3pm. went to bed around 5pm. slept on and off for like 13 hours or so now i just dont' have any energy today. maybe i slept to much. but when i dont' take ambian i only sleep maybe 5 hours. so maybe i needed this 13 hours. i dont' know. i walked my dogs a little. signed up for an art class....yea....feel like it and i've always wanted to take an art class (does not start till january.) to learn oil painting. but i'm just still so tired and no energy today. i hope this is somewhat normal an not my prozac doing weird things. its been working great but now i wonder. any imput out there??
I tried Prozac(other ssri's too) and felt worn out. I guess there is a trade-off.