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Hi My2Babies, Thanks for checking on me. The dr changed my med to prozac. I still didn't take it. I was wrong to do it, but I took myself off the celexa, the former med, b/c of how it itensified the thoughts. When I took myself off it, I felt 95% better so now I'm scared to go on med again. The dr made it my decision to go on med again and I said yes b/c although I feel good off of it, I don't want to relapse. Now the test is see how prozac does.
I was so HAPPY to see your post where you said you are feeling WONDERFUL!!! that's great to hear. I knew a change would come for you one day. Isn't it great to finally see a rainbow after the dark storm?
So...you like to shop? I ordered toys for my son on-line to stay away from the long lines in the stores. Christmas is coming way too fast.
How's your son doing?
I hope your days continue to be feeling good days. Take care.